Wednesday, June 20, 2012


     This is my saga of my Facebook Cake.  I had to make a cake for a meeting tonight.  Since I am watching my pennies, I wanted to used something I had in the house.  So off to the pantry where I found a yellow cake mix.  This was fine but I did want to jazz it up a bit.  I was exposed to a great cake my a friend who loves to bake. It had crushed pineapple in it as well as pudding and whipped cream.  
     Well, the cream was out.  Its over 100 degrees today so I didn't want whipped cream sitting in my car.  What to do, what to do.  Finally I looked on the internet for ideas.  
Eureka.  I found my recipe.  Well, part of it.  I merged two good cakes into one great idea.  Basically I substituted orange juice for the water in the mix.  Then I baked it as directed.  Simple.  This worked well.  
     I cooled the cake for about 20 minutes. Then I heated up a large can of crushed pineapple and add about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to it. When it was more than lukewarm, I poured this mixture over my cake which I had poked with a fork.  Again, this worked well.
Next, came making a praline topping to cover the pineapple.  I mixed coconut, brown sugar, butter, milk, and chopped walnuts together.  Melted the  butter of course.  Again, this was working perfectly.
    I started the broiler in 100 degree heat and placed my cake with the topping to brown, but careful to watch it so it doesn't overbroil and be ruined.
    Can you guess what stupid thing I did next?  I remembered I had one little thing to do for some photos I had put on Facebook.  I raced in to do that LITTLE thing and was there for about 10 minutes when I realized my cake was still under a broiler and in great danger.  I flew into the kitchen and pulled my precious baby out of the oven.  Too late, the burned sugar, coconut, walnuts and pineapple was not asking me to take the first bite.  NOOOO. It was telling me to start over. Alas, there was not time for that. 
I picked at the topping that had bonded together perfectly in its blackness and I filled an empty pie tin  with my burned praline topping.  The cake, without that burned crust, looked okay.  
    I grabbed the topping  ingredients and started over.  Added it to the cake and again put it under the broiler.  Pulled it out in time and believe me, it was a hit.  Delicious flavor and no one knew or cared that it had a rough childhood.  I just told them it was my first Facebook cake.