Saturday, January 23, 2010


I made my first one.  My friends are going to be thrilled as I get rid of my attempts until I get it right.
So far it does not look bad but it did have a crack.  Will taste it tonight.  I tasted the batter and it was perfect so I think I will like it.

Crack reasons:
1. Too high a cooking temperature.
2.  Change in temperature caused by cooling it too fast. Center should be wiggly when you turn the oven off and keep it closed for an hour.  It continues to cook.
3. No water bath below the pan.  The water slows the cooking of the sides so it matches the center.
4. Not enough butter greasing the sides of the pan so the cake does not stick and pull apart.
5. Beating the eggs too much.  I DID THIS ONE FOR SURE.

The eggs grab the air and expand on cooking and then shrink down and can form a crack or two.
All ingredients should be at room temperature when you start of course.

More reports to follow.

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