Friday, January 8, 2010

RISOTTO - IT'S A MYSTERY, as my father used to say.

First, I must state I have not been a fan of rice for about 20 years.  No reason, just not crazy about it.  I do eat it.  I went to a very good local Italian restaurant.  I ordered my pasta and my friend ordered risotto and pork. When the dish was served, she immediately said, "This is the best risotto she has ever had".  Well the foodie in me responded and I tried some of it. I was in heaven. Wonderful flavor. Perfect. I immediately asked if the chef would give out the recipe. He was happy to do so but it was oral and I tried my best to make it like he instructed.

First, the ingredients are not a big deal.  However, the proportions and preparation are 98% for the final result.

I have researched several recipes.  I tried one and I gave it a "C".  Just not the wonderful dish I had tasted.  So, bottom line, soon there will be a new recipe here for risotto as soon as I have made it several times and given myself an "A".

                  (This part is for real foodies now)
Problems were:
Italian Arborio rice to stock to wine  (2 cups to 8 cups to 1/4 cup)  Not so good. I will try 2 to 6 to 1/2 next time.               
Note: Long grained rice will not do because the grains will stay separate.Never use minute rice -- it won't absorb the condiments, and again the grains will remain separate.

butter or oil,  ( I used both)
parmesan cheese.  (too much at 1/2 cup) I will try 1/8 cup next time.
Stirring and temperature of the sauce pan is major.  This takes all your time. Low heat and lots of stirring.
Mushrooms - several different kinds will do.

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