Monday, November 9, 2009

CLARA'S KITCHEN by Clara Cannucciari

  May I introduce you to Clara Cannucciari.  at the age of 94 she is on Youtube, appeared on morning TV and has written a book of memories and recipes.  Lots of memories.
She lived through the depression and grew strong and frugal with the help of her family.  They were a united front to get by and feed their family when they was little or no work. Here is a brief paragraph from her book.

"We made a lot of meals with eggs because they weren't just cheap, they were practically free.  Back in those days, we all had our own chickens, which we kept in the yard.  It was pretty normal to have a few chickens running around the yard back then, but they probably wouldn't allow that anymore. So we always had our own eggs.  And then sometimes for Sunday dinner, we'd kill a chicken.  But that was rare. We needed the eggs!"
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          Buy the book at:    Clara's Kitchen

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