Saturday, November 14, 2009


Isn't this a question that crosses your mind about once every 20 years.  What is in that little bottle?  Can I make my own?  Yes, of course, you can.
My net search results are here. These are the general spices used. 
2 Teaspoons         Ground Sage   (I use more)      
1 1/2 Teaspoons   Ground Thyme                 
1 Teaspoon           Ground Marjoram
3/4 Teaspoon        Ground Rosemary                        
1/2 Teaspoon        Nutmeg                    
1/2 Teaspoon        Ground  Black pepper 
I am getting ready to make my flavored butter to put in the turkey under the skin. 
I make it early and keep it frozen until I need it.  
Basically you soften the stick of butter a lot. Don't melt it though. 
Then mix in a couple of tablespoons of the herbs above into the butter. Mix well, place it in a ziploc bag. Push the butter down to the bottom of the bag and then zip it. 
Fold the top over the bottom. Place in the freezer.
When you need to use it, place on counter for an hour.  Open bag.  
Reveal the log of butter that should be still hard.  Cut into about 6 medallions.
Now you are ready to insert them beneath the skin of the turkey.
Not that difficult really. Just move your fingers under the skin starting at the breast bone and it separates pretty easily.

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