Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last month I ordered a cookbook through Amazon. It was with a private seller and it was reasonable. The book is The Art of Sicilian Cooking. I have a post just on my review of this book. The book I ordered never arrived. I wrote the seller. She assured me that the book was shipped in September.

I checked on Amazon and it was due to me by Oct. 20, at the latest.  I found it odd the seller immediately refunded my money. I didn't even ask for a refund. I was concerned she was going to have a loss on this item. I told her I would wait until the 20th just in case it showed up before I found another copy to order.

Here is the kicker. She told me she had no other copy in her stock. I looked on line. She has two listed at over $100 each. The copy I paid for was under $25.

Now, do you think my copy went up to $100 and was never shipped off to me in the first place?  I wonder. I looked all over the net and they are not available right now for anything less than $100.

I have my money back but no book. I do know that things change on pricing all the time. I can check back in a month or so, and cheaper copies will be back for sale. One must be patient.

Anyone have this type of experience with used books before?

Oct. 26, 2009.  I found another copy for $7 on Amazon.  Yes, and I bought it and requested routing and tracking information.  It was cheaper than the one I never received.  Lets hope it gets to me.

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