Sunday, October 18, 2009

Panattone Bread Pudding

A little history of the bread/cake dessert.  

In the early 20th century, two Milanese bakers began to produce Panettone in large quantities, In 1919 Angelo Motta started producing his brand of cakes. He made it in its tall domed shape by making the dough rise three times. At the end of World War II, panettone became the leading Christmas sweet in Italy. It usually contains dried citrus, raisins and other candied fruits.
Well that was a disaster tonight. I always heard how good it was. If you do not like the citrus flavor in fruit cake or the Italian Panatone breads, you will not like this one either.

I usually make a wonderful bread pudding from the Silver Palette Cookbook. I just had to try this recipe. Mistake!!!

Never again. Not even worth a second try. Its right up there with the Alton Brown's Mac and Cheese recipe. Both saw the inside of the garbage can. Yes, that bad.

I had one success this week with the Paula Deen's chicken breast, swiss cheese and white wine. It was excellent.

One out of three is probably normal for 3 first time recipes.

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Arlene said...

I used to buy delicious Panattone at Costco. I'm not a baker, so would never think of making my own. A book suggestion for the Italian Food Nana to read to the grandchildren - Tony's Bread by Tomie de Paola. All about Panattone. Happy reading!