Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Paula Deen's Recipe off the Food network  

Lady and Son's Chicken in Wine Sauce

I made this recipe last night.  Its very easy and contains basic items you may already have on hand.
Chicken breasts, skinless and boneless. (You could probably do bone in and it would be fine.)
Cream of chicken soup       Salt and pepper       Swiss cheese slices        white wine        butter        bread stuffing mix (small amount worked well)
NOT a hard one to do.  I made it and kept close to exactly how she made it.  I might have been a little light on the swiss cheese. I used 2% and lessened the butter since she LOVES butter. Can't blame her there.
A suggestion is to heat the SOUP in a sauce pan. Add the wine and THE CHEESE.  I say this because when you layer the cheese slices on top of the chicken, you can't really judge how the sauce will taste.  Too cheesy?  Not enough?
Next time I will melt the cheese and taste test it.
GO LIGHT ON THE BREADCRUMBS. Too much is really bad with bread crumbs.
A great recipe I will do again. It was about 15 minutes of prep. Baked unattended by me for 45 minutes I think. Perfect timing. Yes, I know its not Italian.

1. I will place some asparagus or artichoke hearts around the chicken. That would be my version. I am going to try it that way instead of cooking the vegetable separately.
2. It was short on color. Maybe a little parsley in the sauce? I think green is the key here. So what goes good with chicken and swiss cheese? Not sure yet what I would do.
Its such a simple basic idea, you can really add things to it to jazz it up if you like.

It keeps well in the frig and tastes great the second day.  So its a good make ahead recipe for a party or pot luck.
If you make it, I would appreciate any feedback.
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PS: I found many versions of this recipe on a Google search.  The best was this:
pound flat each chicken breast and wrap a swiss cheese slice around a cooked asparagus spear. Then wrap the breast around that and placed it along with others in a casserole and used the sauce.  Its okay.  Takes longer in the oven.  Also, harder to cut with a fork.  You need a knife for sure if you do it. I liked the original version with the flat chicken breast best.

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