Friday, August 21, 2009


I am a former art teacher. I still sub once in a while. I live in California. Big state. I don't think I will ever leave it. I was born in the midwest, moved with my family several times. Married and divorced, moved several more times. I have family here and I cook for them whenever I want to experiment.
I do like to attend the many Italian festa's around the state. They are always fun. I also like to travel. I have been to Italy 4 times. I need to expand my horizons I think.
Cooking, fishing, gardening, and travel are my current passions.  I have hundreds of shots of my trips to Italy and almost every plate of food put in front of me.
If you like to eat, go to Sicily. The food was fantastic. It was not near as good in northern Italy. They say eating improves as you go south of Rome. I think they are right. Northern Italy has too much of a German influence to suit my tastes. Desserts were very good there though.

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