Saturday, August 15, 2009

SAUCE -Fresh Italian Tomato Sauce

This is a no brainer for non cooks.
First, you use fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion and basil, salt and pepper. Big pot. 
Maybe a drop of olive oil in the bottom of it, but I don't bother. 
Photo shows the sauce after 30 minutes.
Skins come off easily. 
Color is still very red.

4-6 pounds of fresh tomatoes. Cut up into 4 pieces each
       (Roma plum tomatoes if you can get them)
1 medium or large onion chopped
4 cloves or more of fresh garlic chopped.
Salt and pepper to taste
10 leaves more or less of fresh basil.                       

Place all but basil in pot. Heat to to a low simmer. Cover. Stir once in a while with wooden spoon. Cook for 30 to 40 minutes.  If the simmer is really low, then add more time. Also a big full pot slows the cooking time.  Add basil.  Cook 5 more minutes. Stir.

Let cool. There are skins and seeds in the sauce. If they don't bother anyone's stomach, pour the sauce into a blender in batches.  

To remove seeds, a food mill, will do the work perfectly and remove almost every seed and the skins. Throw away what is left in the mill.

Now you have a fresh sauce that your family will rave about.

When cool, freeze in plastic containers. I think zip lock bags would be fine too.

If you cook the sauce longer, it will lose that fresh tomato taste.

This is a fabulous sauce. You can't go wrong.

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