Friday, August 21, 2009


I loved it when I saw it by myself last week. Tonight, I took two friends with me to see it. We were not disappointed. Its a wonderful love story and all based on true events. I relived the thrill of her books which I bought or received as a present around 72. I think they might have been wedding presents. Unfortunately, I have way too many cookbooks but have eliminated the husband part of my life. One must attempt to keep a balance.

I have tried to keep an index list of my books but the list was so long, it would crash my software so I had to split them up into types. Italian, general and other. I am way behind on adding this year's purchases. Its a compulsion. I cruise the bookstores, check them out and then go on line to Amazon, my favorite shopping site. I buy songs, kayaks, books, toys, and whatever on Amazon. No, I do not own their stock.

Do go see the movie if you are a foodie or romantic.

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