Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spices and Socks

This is food related. Honest. I have a friend who keeps spices. Keeps them for years. You ask how many? Well, 30 years or more. I told her to dump the spices and keep the containers. They are worth money. Another friend said they are worth more with the original spices. Somehow this reminds me of ashes in an urn. Oh well.

Once we covered the topic of spices, my friend said there was more. She admitted to having a couple of pairs of her ex husbands socks in her bedroom. She has been single for over 30 years. She would like to marry again. I told her that its very bad karma to have an ex's anything in her bedroom. Its probably the reason she has not met the right man. This is definitely a sock issue. Are socks covered in the rules of Feng Shui? They must be.

I think the above socks should be cremated in a small but tasteful ceremony with the releasing of white doves to complete the purification process. Maybe a little chanting of "darn, darn, darn, those socks."

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