Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It happened.  I went hunting for the absolutely necessary (yeah right) clear glass bowls for making a teaching video.  I found them at Target and Ross.  Now I am ready.  I have the recipe, the camera, and the bowls.  Now to find the time.  My guess is it would take most of one day.

You have to prepare the kitchen.  Not like typing a blog where you are in your PJs and drinking coffee, hair not combed.  No, one must be GROOMED!
The worst part is the kitchen.  One must clear the counters. Make it look like Giada's or Rachel's. Well those are sets. This is REAL life. But I can do it. I was an Art Teacher for 35 years. This is a breeze really after that part of my life. Everything in my life is remembered as before or after teaching. I used to think before or after marriage, but the passage of time has changed my perspective.

This week is good too. My current life as Nana, the babysitter is on break for a few days. I miss them already. One gets so attached to drooling hungry faces. Mediating fights over stuffed animals, blankets, preferred seating, and anything one boy gets first, the others want.
My first video will be on making biscotti. I make a lot of it and the yearly baking is going to start soon.

I sell it at church during the Advent Faire as my donation to the building fund. You can turn $40 worth of food into $500 pretty quick. After 3 years of this,  people come to the sale just to buy them.

Well, baking is not quick. It takes time and I prepare the night before to make at least 12 cups of flour into the delicious biscotti. I measure everything out for 3 batches. For each batch the dry ingredients go into one plastic bag. Sugar in its own bag since it is added to the butter.  Nuts, fruit, etc.. in a smaller one. Three bags per batch. It works well. The butter is set out to be room temperature in the morning.  Eggs stay in the frig.

I try to make just 3 separate batches of one recipe a day. That way I don't confuse the 5 different recipes. Past experience showed me the error of my ways. I cooked batches that only the family got to eat. So now I am more controlled.

A Youtube account will be set up just for this series. I haven't figured out a name yet. Probably "Italianfoodienana cooks". You will find a link to Youtube on this blog when I have completed this task.

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