Monday, September 7, 2009


I want to start a list of foods you would like to make and eat before you die.  Does that sound strange?  Well, it beats skydiving.  That would not be on my list.
Any ideas out there?  Looking for feedback.  And maybe a recipe from you?
       1.  Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon 
             I  saw the video of her doing this Saturday.  Looks pretty simple.  Going to make it this winter for sure.
     2.  Paella 
     3.  ????


Rylee's Auntie said...

Hey, great idea! This reminds me a bit of the Omnivore's Hundred list, things every foodie should try.

I want to try to make paella, always been a bit afraid of it but it looks soo yummie!

Pat said...

I never made it myself. Had it in Spain many moons ago. Liked it. I don't think its hard to do. That is another thing I love about the net. Lots of recipes.

Arlene said...

Where did you find the video? I'm going to need it.