Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Saturday at Home

Labor day weekend.  What am I doing?  Gardening.  Almost finished my backyard. What a job.
Made a lot of my fresh tomato sauce for the winter.  May buy more lugs of tomatoes and make more if I have the time. Just completed going through 6 months of Cooking light.  They have changed their layout and its much cleaner looking and easier to cut out a recipe to save. I added them to my list of websites for your convenience.

Do check out my list of top cooking websites.  And leave a comment after any posts you like so I know you are out there. This is a new blog and I am happy to have you here. Today I will have had over 500 readers.

LIfe goes on and I am busy.  I saw Tom Jones at a local casino. He was just amazing.  I am looking forward to seeing Wicked in San Francisco. Retirement is not boring at all. Things keep coming up and your calendar gets full. I think I will hang around for another 20 years or more.
I have lots of great recipes to post. My bread pudding will be one of them. I am going to try it with the Italian Panettone soon.

Then my recipe for your Thanksgiving turkey which I did by accident last year.  Wow. It was a fantastic accident.

I would love to hear from you.  I have readers from around the world.  That really surprised me.


Rylee's Auntie said...

Hi, I love the blog! Thanks for sharing your recipes, I am looking forward to trying them,


Pat said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I never know who is dropping by except for my widget, Lijit Stats Wijit. Its really nice. It gives you the cities where your readers check in.

I looked at your blog and I want to do the beer bread. It sounds just plain fun.

Hope you eat through your frig. Tell me how that goes. I am working on my freezer. So far, so good. Pat

Arlene said...

Wish I had a friend like you around here to cook with. Everyone I know spends more time doing yoga & hiking than cooking. They really need to get their priorities straight! I just spent an afternoon making a big, sticky mess of raspberry jam. It's gorgeous. Looks like garnets in a jar.

Pat said...

I made plum jam last week by accident. The plums were past good so they made a great jam, no pectin, just a little sugar. I love it on my muffins. Another recipe I need to add.

So much work to do before I die. My bucket list is long.