Monday, September 7, 2009

Recipe corrections and a new find in Mariposa

I am so happy to get comments from readers who see the holes in my descriptions. Thanks Arlene.  I, of course, can't see them since I write the recipes and think I have done a great job.

I have corrected or improved the goat cheese torta.  Hope that helps you.  I will do a photo when I make it again. I do all my own photos unless I am in the photo which happened at Doug's house party so he deserves the  credit.  I use my own dishes and my kitchen table.  A homey touch I think. I am not Giada but then when I was 27, I looked pretty hot.  But alas, that was many moons ago.

Today I was up in Coarsegold and Mariposa where they have really nice junk stores.  I found a great sieve which I knew was used for fruits etc,,, but had no idea what it was called.  I went surfing and found my answer on Amazon.  I just love that site.  You would think Mark Harmon knocked on my door in his boxers.  He didn't, but its a darn good idea. I will have to live with watching him and Tony on NCIS.  My favorite show.  It knocked the Food network into No. 2 position at my house.

I digress.  This is a blog so I can do that.

Back to the sieve. Its a China cap or a fine chinois for general straining.  I still am not sure.  Did you know what that was?  DON'T LIE TO THE BLOG.  Its news to me anyway. It has fine holes and its a cone shape. It hooks on the side of a pot. It needs a pestle which was not with it when I bought it for $3.  It was a deal!  I wonder if I will use it. I use my food grinder a lot.  So maybe I will. 


Donna Kohler said...

Pat, I have one of these, purchased new in the 1960s, that's dating me. Mine came with a stand and the wooden pestle, works great. I use it every year to make cranberry sauce. The pestle is cone shaped with a round top that you put your palm over. When you push and roll around the food oozes out. The stand is big enough to slip a bowl under.
Donna Kohler

climb3mtns said...

We had one of these when I was growing up. Mom used it all the time when she canned and made sauces. I wonder what happen to it. Probably ended up in a junk store in Ohio :-).
Hot when you were 27 you say; you're still hot sweetie.

Pat said...

I am proud to say I have already used my new China cap twice now. It works great.